ACCESSIBILITY is important for everyone. Whether you are a sighted person living your everyday life; a visually impaired person, trying to live independently; a sighted or visually impaired customer, shopping from your favourite business; or a business owner.
No matter what kind of business you have, accessibility is one of the most important things to you.
You must make sure that everything, whether it's a product or service, is accessible to visually impaired people (people who can't see.) Imagine what it would be like for you if you wanted to read a book or study some text, but you couldn't read it.

Our Business Support
No matter what kind of business you own, and no matter what sector you work in, All Things Dotty can help. We have worked with restaurants across the UK; we are in conversation with training providors across the UK; and we have much more in the pipeline.
All Things Dotty deals with everything transcription: the conversion of printed text into physical Braille and Large Print documents. We are the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective transcription company in the UK, compared to 6 others based across the country. You can't go wrong there, right?
But it doesn't stop there. We can also provide electronic versions of your order, meaning that anybody can access it, as long as they're tech-savy enough of course!

• Restaurants — Braille and large print menus can be produced, meaning that anybody, no matter how much sight they have, can read it. We've worked with several restaurants across the country to date.
• Charities — a charity leaflet can be produced, meaning that everyone, no matter their sight loss, can understand what you provide. We also produced a book for Hannah's Fund, a charity based in Saltash, Cornwall.
• Care Companies — leaflets, booklets and Braille posters can be created for care companies who want to send information out to potential clients. We have worked with Complete Independence, and The Rise, Plympton, providing bespoke products to support the needs of their clients.

• Solicitors — any legal documents, letters, or information packs
• Estate Agents — Any potential housing leaflets with prices and descriptions
• Charity Shops — any greetings cards featuring your logos
• Training Providors — all your training materials for any course, produced in Braille and Large Print
• Theatres and Cinemas — programmes, timetables, catalogues ETC transcribed into Braille and large print
• Hotels — welcome letters, safety packs, important information packs ETC, transcribed into Braille and large print.

Further Information:
If your business type is not listed, please contact us for a quote. Nothing is impossible — our experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs, and the needs of your clients. Remember, accessibility is everybody's responsibility, not just that of visually impaired people.

Choose from one of our many Braille products and add it to your basket.
Check out as usual, then send an email to with the document that you'd like transcribing into Braille and Large Print, with any further information that we may need.
If we need any more information, we will be in touch. Otherwise, just sit back and relaxxe, and wait for your order to be delivered to your door.