About Us


From greetings cards and colouring books to personal and professional Transcription services, we provide products for visually impaired people, their families, and businesses that serve them.

Endorsed by the Right HON. Lord David Blunkett


 All Things Dotty aims to make the world a better, more accessible place for visually impaired people. Set up in 2023, we vowed that we would, slowly, make changes and raise awareness around the challenges faced by visually impaired people. We have as much right to read, explore and understand everything as sighted people. 

We provide Braille and large print menus, Braille greetings cards, tactile colouring books and Artwork that can be explored and enjoyed by sighted and visually impaired people alike. 

Our products are personalised and tailored to your requirements, so contact us today to learn more. From personalised messages to specific images on the front of your restaurant's Braille menu, we can do it. 

We have been featured on:  

 BBC_South_West    and             ITV_Westcountry

Watch this space for new products and services as they become available.