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Dinosaur — Braille Artwork

Dinosaur — Braille Artwork

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A Dinosaur. 

A T-Rex.

A massive, solid figure.

This Braille Artwork depicts the T-Rex, the largest dinosaur in existance, standing in all its menacing glory. He looks like he might just leap from the page... But he won't bight.

Or will he?


 One of the largest ever flesh-eating land animals, the T-Rex is also the most famous. For example, it has been featured in more films than any other dinosaur. The T-rex had a huge skull with powerful jaws lined with 18cm serrated teeth. Despite earlier conceptions of sluggish movement, it is now thought to have been capable of bursts of 48km/h. In contrast to its massive legs, the T-Rex had short, small arms. Although they seem useless, they were powerful enough to lift over 270kg. 

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