INTRODUCING... All Things Dotty Braille Menus!

We now create Braille menus for Cafés and Restaurants around the UK, and we already have several satisfied customers in England and Wales. From first-hand experience, our team knows exactly what it's like to have parts of the menu shouted across the table to you. It can be quite demeaning, right?
Do you have a café, restaurant or pub? Get in touch today, or order from our website. Our services empower everyone to lead an independent, enjoyable life.

Why should I have a Braille menu?
Before we introduced this service, Pizza Hut, Wagamamma and The Beefeater were the only restaurant chains in the UK with a Braille menu. THIS MUST CHANGE!

Having a Braille menu available means that visually impaired people don't have to rely on other people when visiting your restaurants. It promotes independence, and allows visually impaired people to access the whole menu rather than having parts of it read out by family or staff. Sighted people don't struggle to order food, so why should we?

The Equality and Human Rights Commition states:
“When written information is part of a service, a service provider must think about providing it in alternative formats, such as in Braille, on CD, or electronically, for disabled people who need the information in this form. Although it depends on the service provider’s circumstances this is likely to be a reasonable adjustment, which the service provider must make”.

Can you imagine how you'd feel, how you'd cope, if all the information in the world was suddenly closed off to you?
That's what it's like for visually impaired people. So on behalf of us all, please join our fight for ACCESSIBILITY FOR EVERYONE.

About The Menus

Our Braille and large print menus are copied directly from your website, or from any menu you send through to us. They're presented in a stirdy, splashproof, clip folder with a front cover. The cover features the name of the menu in Braille and print, and an image of your choice.
Our menus are double-fronted, with one side opening up to reveal the Braille menu and the other side revealing the large print menu.
Each menu is priced at £15 per side of A4, with free delivery. Updated menus are available at a lower cost than your initial menu purchase.

All menus are tailored to your requirements. If you'd like anything to be added or changed about the way your menu is presented, please get in touch.

So don't be the only restaurant without a Braille menu. Contact us today, or order from our shop.